4. Undocumented Modules

The modules in this chapter are poorly documented (if at all). If you wish to contribute documentation of any of these modules, please get in touch with .

applesingle   Rudimentary decoder for AppleSingle format files
buildtools   Helper module for BuildApplet, BuildApplication and macfreeze
py_resource   Helper to create 'PYC ' resources for compiled applications
cfmfile   Code Fragment Resource module
icopen   Internet Config replacement for open()
macerrors   Constant definitions for many Mac OS error codes
macfsn   NavServices versions of StandardFile calls
macresource   Locate script resources
Nac   Interface to Navigation Services
mactty   Easy access serial to line connections
mkcwproject   Create CodeWarrior projects
nsremote   Wrapper around Netscape OSA modules
PixMapWrapper   Wrapper for PixMap objects
preferences   Nice application preferences manager with support for defaults
pythonprefs   Specialized preferences manager for the Python interpreter
quietconsole   buffered, non-visible stdout output
videoreader   read QuickTime movies frame by frame for further processing
W   Widgets for the Mac, built on top of FrameWork
waste   Interface to the ``WorldScript-Aware Styled Text Engine.''

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